LLC "Fruit Project"

LLC "Fruit Project" - the company purpose of which - providing professional consulting support to producers of fruits and berries and other fruit sector participants. Team LLC "Fruit Project" has over seven years of experience in the fruit sector in Ukraine as part of the International Finance Corporation "Development of fruit sector in Vinnitsa region", which made it possible to gain professional experience and knowledge to provide effective services, meeting the needs of our customers.
Principles of LLC "Fruit Project":
Personal Service, taking into account all the needs, requirements and features in counseling;
Professional growth - continuous development and improvement of professional skills of our professionals;
Best Practices - providing a wide range of services using the European experience and the ability to attract the best foreign specialists in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands;

Independence from manufacturers and suppliers of resources allows us to provide an objective and impartial manner.
We assist businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations to launch a new kind of business to grow in line with market requirements, implement innovative technology and new high-yield varieties, organize marketing and post harvest handling, improve efficiency, establish cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign partners.
LLC "Fruit Project" conducts specialized training events: conferences, seminars, trainings, workshops and round tables. In order to explore new technologies, review of market trends and networking with foreign colleagues, organized by individual and group travel to national and international exhibitions, seminars, conferences, congresses and study tours and private tours business.